ac local train ticket price?

The price of a local train ticket varies depending on the distance traveled. It is calculated based on how many stations are passed by the train.

Ticket Fare Churchgate To  Virar

Single Journey Ticket Adult -   220 Single Journey Ticket Child -  115 Weekly Pass Adult -  1150 Monthly Pass Adult -   2205

What is the cost of a local train ticket

The smallest fare for traveling in a local train is now Rs 30, up from the previous smallest price for 2nd class pass Rs 10.

Can I travel in AC local train

AC local trains allows people to travel without having to buy a reserved seat done by booking a seat before boarding or buying an unreserved ticket on board.

how to book an ac local train ticket online

Booking on not available now. e-ticketing website launched by govt of India where 100% reservation is possible with your name or mobile number.

how many ac local trains in mumbai

Currently, 26 AC local train services are operational on the Central Railway  3000 commuters take the AC local trains every day.

How many local trains are there in Mumbai?

The Central Railway runs 1774 local trains, with 857 services (including 10 AC local train services) on the Mumbai suburban network.

What is the fine for local train in Mumbai?

More than 40,000 commuters have been fined worth Rs 1 crore for ticketless traveling on the Mumbai Local Trains

Can I travel with RLWL ticket?

Yes, you can only travel if the ticket isn't booked online and if you have a waitlisted ticket from the PRS counter. If the ticket is in RLWL, you can travel in train.

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